Ombre portée : Sculpteur de lumière

Shadow is a workshop, based in Paris, who for fifteen years produces light sculptures. original creations that combine art luminaires, they depict the subtle play of light and shadow in the heart of materials worked by the artist became craftsman. Shadow Revelations will be at this year's show.

Shadow realizes creations outsized, unusual and timeless, sometimes monumental, unique pieces or limited editions. These structures and business are the result of the meeting between architecture, the desire of the Sponsor, the imagination of the parties, and the expertise of a professional team, goldsmiths of the light-matter.

The projects are sketched with the customer, they gradually take shape following its desires and expectations. The light sculptures are first worked in drawing, sketch sketch, through a profusion of lines which lead to the final designs. The object is then modeled on software to correct the remaining problems of proportion and balance. The lighting of the final object brings to the work all his poetry.

"Reflections, shimmering, cuts and vibrations dancing on the walls: these sculptures dedicated to the subtle play of shadow and light tell a unique and intense history A history of matter, inventive energy and intelligence of. hand."

Revelations prompt sharing of the 9 13 2015 September at the Grand Palais - Shadow Stand H4

For more information, visit the website Drop shadow and revelations

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