SOLISYSTEME: pioneer and inventor of the bioclimatic pergola concept.
The family company designs and manufactures in its workshops terrace covers solutions for larger living spaces.

In 1998, the idea of ​​a pergola slats germinated in the mind of Jean-Louis CASTEL for his own home, creating the concept of bioclimatic pergola ...
In the months following this invention, Mr. Castel filed patent this concept, which allowed him to expand his business: "SOLISYSTEME".
The market bioclimatic pergolas, became classics, has propelled the company SOLISYSTEME.
With this rapid development, SOLISYSTEME stands as historical and inescapable as nationally actor internationally.
Since 2014, the company has the label SOLISYSTEME Origine France Garantie, which gives the entire range of pergolas manufacturing followed and quality.

THE EQUIPBAIE trade fair, the company focuses on innovation, originality and presents the different patio covers.
The company markets 2 types of sheltered terrace:

The company's flagship product is indeed the BIOCLIMATIC pergola slats.
This cover system is the perfect compromise between the blind and the veranda, to control the light and shadow through the slats up 160 °, while being sheltered from the wind and rain

2 types of structures are available: THE REFERENCE STRUCTURE: A structure offering a sober, elegant, resistant and extremely modular finish.
THE ELEGANCE STRUCTURE: A top range of fully customizable structure.
For professionals, cafes, hotels and restaurants ELEGANCE finish also offers customization of the peripheral frame.

HARLEQUIN La Pergola: Simple, unique and entertaining, HARLEQUIN offers the possibility of instant creation.
A very simple concept, offering the opportunity to all open or all closed.
This solar protection is made up of panels and frames which slide by a sliding game with a suitable rod. A maximum modularity allowing to play with the colors but also the materials.

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