On the occasion of COP 21, the Pavillon de l'Arsenal moved Pavilion Circular on the steps of City Hall in Paris. A project designed from the recovery of old destroyed or entered rehabilitation building materials. The architectural collective Encore Heureux, who curated the exhibition Grey Materials at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal, imagined and designed the project. It is open to the public until January 3 2016, various events and meetings are planned there.

The circular pavilion project demonstrates, once again, that the intelligence of some project can provide an architecture using re-use materials. By reconsidering some waste, they can become real material deposit and offer these resources to a new architecture ...

Writing the Muuuz magazine met Nicola Delon and Julien Choppin, architects and founders of Encore Heureux, on the site of Circular Pavilion.

For more information, visit the website Pavillon de l'Arsenal and collective Still happy


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