Design Cream? Quèsaco? An event presenting the crème de la crème of designers and architects, of course! And who says prestigious casting, says choice format. On Thursday, March 26, 2018, ten creators, gathered for the Materials & Light fair, thus presented their creations, inspirations and projects in an atypical way in 20 images, projected 20 seconds apart. Zoom on the universe of Jules Levasseur.

The Design Cream nights, designed by Benjamin Girard from the Design Project agency, aim to offer a scene to the cream of the cream of creators to present their projects to a wide audience, in a format specific, rhythmic and concise, and in a relaxed atmosphere. What ensure a global success at these gatherings! Everything fits in the format, named Pecha Kucha: the guests have 20 slides, shown during 20 seconds each, and which scroll automatically; either 6 minutes and 40 seconds for each of them. No blah-blah: the various speakers expose here the essence of their achievements.

Jules Levasseur
Jules Levasseur is a visual designer, graduated from the ESAD in Reims in 2013, currently in residence at the Ateliers de Paris. He started his independent activity by pursuing his diploma project, then in collaboration with the Tuilerie Royer and the Barras Metallery. Thus, he meets the industrial GEWISS in 2013 which allows him to start a long-term collaboration. His meetings with artisans Renaud Marin and Agir Ceramics offer him the opportunity to learn about tapestry and ceramics. Winner of the Grand Prix of Creation of the city of Paris in 2014, he obtained a place in the IDIS Chair, new research structure of ESAD Reims, in which he will realize his project Folie Végétale, Prix de l ' Innovation in Gardens, Garden in 2016. His collaboration with the company PETRUS in 2015, awarded by the RADO STAR PRIZE the same year, demonstrates his involvement with the craft trades, through which the design approach finds a particularly contemporary sense. In 2017 he founded the Studio Marin-Levasseur by teaming with Renaud Marin.

For more information, visit the website Materials & Light et Design Cream

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