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Quickstand is an innovative system of constant force spring which enables effortless and instantaneous adjustment between sitting and standing. With Quickstand, users can elevate their position to work healthier and more comfortably.

The "Quickstand" is an ideal desktop solution for active workspaces. This adjustable height workstation allows users to alternate sitting and standing position throughout the day.

The Quickstand can be installed on the back of any fixed-height work surface, giving users the ability to integrate a solution seated / standing without buying new furniture. Contributing to a pure aesthetic, it has a sophisticated cable grouping that includes an electrical cable, a DVI and two USB cables. Simply connect a computer (laptop or desktop) and start working. With its solid construction, Quickstand does not move when the user is writing the keyboard.

The ergonomics of Quickstand transforms the environment according to the needs of the user. Through this, it reduces musculoskeletal disorders. The main objective of this is to allow better concentration, improved welfare and increased productivity.

Technical characteristics

Available in white, gray and black
Dimensions: Width x Depth 71 28 cm
screen support: minimum 1.8 kg, max 5 kg.
Maximum load capacity for the Quickstand: 11.3 kg



Since its creation in 1983, Humanscale has become a real international renown leader in the design and innovation of ergonomic products for office space for the home or care facilities improving the health and comfort of life at work . Humanscale develops high performance ergonomic office furniture that is as simple and elegant as possible solution to functional problems.
Humanscale now over 700 employees 35 showrooms and offices around the world. The company has won since its inception, more than 200 awards for design and innovation of its products.

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