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Unique conference tables in solid wood. These giant works of art from beech and spruce are all made from a single panel of wood. This is a unique product signed Sun Wood.

These tables are made-to-measure and can measure up to 20 meters.

Technical characteristics

Sun Wood oversized design tables are available in all shapes and sizes up to 20 m long. All table panels and table legs can be combined.



Innovative special products - these attributes describe exactly the products of Stainer.

For more than 40 years, our name is synonymous with new and exceptional solutions. Achieving unique and creative interior and exterior design projects is both a challenge and a stimulus for 70 employees.

100% planted, grown and processed in Austria. The innovative Sun Wood flexible technology consists of a surface treatment that shapes, ennobles and protects the appearance of wood. The first old wooden models, known under the brand name "Sun Wood", were created in 2010 and reproduced on 3-layer panels.

The ongoing development and improvement processes have been involved in expanding the range of products, over the years, to now count more than 20 different old wood decors and 100 precious woods.

Sun Wood decorations can be applied to different support materials (also on fire protection panels).

Unique surfaces with a chopped or brushed structure, in 3-layer spruce panels, transform into an optimal material for processing. Realization of interior projects but also for the individual.

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