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The Earth collection is the result of a successful union between two Italian excellence companies: Casalgrande Padana, leader in the production of advanced ceramic materials, and Pininfarina, a renowned automotive body design company.

Crafts and industry unite for Earth, a collection of ceramic tiles, the result of the alliance of two Italian houses with excellence, Casalgrande Padana and Pininfarina. The range offers multiple composition possibilities thanks to a varied choice of dimensions and materials, with 11 colors and 5 formats for porcelain tiles - square (60 x 60 centimeters) and rectangular (30 x 60 Centimeters 15 x 120 centimeters 30 x 120 centimeters 60 x 120 centimeters); And 10 finishes for decors - varnish, leather, wood and fabrics. Or when the sobriety and elegance of ceramics meet the luxury automobile.
Earth is the first collection of ceramics invented by Pininfarina, using finishes and special materials from the automotive tradition - varnishes for bodywork, precious wood, natural leather - but treated to allow it to be used as a coating for any type of project.

Earth by Pininfarina is the winner of MIAWs 2017 in the Category Materials / Collections.



The company Casalgrande Padana has been producing advanced ceramic materials for more than 50 years: innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for packaging, flooring and coatings, able to satisfy any requirement of the world of architecture and design. The production - of which 80% are represented by non-enamelled porcelain stoneware tiles or 24 000 000 square meters of tiles realized per year - and the search for the brand are exclusively based in Italy. The results of this innovation policy are materialized by the 6 factories of Casalgrande Padana - 700 000 square meters of industrial facilities -, and no less than 1 000 employees, and a presence in 70 countries spread over the 5 continents.
Made exclusively of natural raw materials, the Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware is obtained thanks to a closed-loop process characterized by a very low impact on the environment.

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