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Ignipli® (3 fire retardant plywood) and Multiply® (flame retardant plywood) panels provide fast, cost-effective wall, ceiling or cladding cladding while meeting the fire reaction regulations required in many public facilities. Woodenha Industries has the Euroclass B Classification Reports for all species from 15 to 42 mm thick, with or without finishing. Acoustic versions of these panels also exist for thicknesses from 18 to 22 mm covered by RC.

Technical characteristics

Woodenha Industries has a permanent stock of spruce B / C + 19 mm panels in 2,50 x 1,25 m format or 5,00 x 1,25 m format.

On request, the company supplies all types of gasoline (douglas, larch, oak ...) in thicknesses from 15 mm to 42 mm.
Specific and formatted cuts can also be made.
Woodenha Industries has the largest catalog of fire classification reports for wood-based products, as required by fire control offices.

Their catalog is continuously expanding to cover the maximum number of combinations (laying configurations / essences) proposed by the architects for the wood envelopes of modern buildings or renovation.

For the interior:
• All species
• With or without finishing
• With or without acoustic perforations

For the outside (BIME®):
• Douglas fir or larch
• Sustainability Certificate



Woodenha Industries is guided by one goal: to make the use of wood possible in buildings regardless of the regulatory context.

Passive fire safety is an essential point in the design of ERP (Public Establishment), collective dwellings and means of maritime and rail transport. Woodenha Industries has become a leader in its field thanks to its know-how, its expertise and a continuous Research & Development concerning reaction and resistance to fire.

Woodenha Industries offers the right solutions for fireproofing wooden elements, indoors and outdoors, using two types of process: autoclave impregnation and / or application of technical finishes.

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