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lighting system designed by Michel Anastassiades
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The String Lights offer an original way of dividing the architectural space.

Michel Anastassiades unveil three sources of inspiration:

"When I travel by train and as I look out the window, I always notice these electrical son that connect the towers. And while we are driving at high speed, I see these perfectly parallel son and I am surprised by this amazing sense of discipline - how is that possible the way they connect the pylons is just so beautiful and poetic at the same time while they divide the landscape I wanted to translate this vision and discipline in the indoor environment they like.. line drawings. I love the way people use light to delineate the space, especially outdoors. Take a village square in the Mediterranean, at night they hang strings of lights around the instead, as if to announce, "This is what the festival." these are lights that indicate the activity.

And finally the last thing, which is more convenient, is how to move the lamps when the current supply is always where you wanted unless they are. So how to move them where you want them with ease and poetry? "



Flos is an Italian company based lamps and luminaires in 1962 by Achille Castiglioni and Piergiacomo. The first Flos lamps designed by two brothers named Arco, Splügen Brau, Toio and Taccia, and since then, all Flos lighting forms carried a name.

Flos lighting have become classics of modern design.

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