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Shower tray BETTEFLOOR Side by Tesseraux + partner, Potsdam
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The Shower level with a side drainage wall offers continuous free surface and one edge seal for a sleek design. While tiled shower trays with seals provide an ideal base for germs and bacteria.

Robust and easy maintenance Side BETTEFLOOR remains perfectly clean from first to last day. The corners designed with a right angle fit perfectly on any type of ground.

Available in different sizes 16, BETTEFLOOR Side offers many possibilities in modern bathroom planning, and this also applies to the colors chosen for the bathroom.

Technical characteristics

The ecological quality of the entire range of Bette is now confirmed by an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). The certificate is issued by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt eV (IBU) is recognized worldwide and complies with the ISO standard 14025 standard.



Thanks to its long experience in steel processing and enamel recovery, Bette is today one of the most specialized manufacturers of high-quality steel / enamel bathroom products. Bette uses natural raw materials such as glass, water and steel to create products in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

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An International Award to the best products for architects and layout professionals

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