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Grade chair is a concept of multifunctional chair. Built around its hull molded polypropylene, it forms a relief pattern that follows the curves of the back. Subtle reliefs give this seat its singular character, without affecting the comfort of the user.
The shell is available in three different colors, white, beige and graphite. 

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Technical characteristics

14 alt steel tube legs. 16 mm lacquered or chrome. 

Alternative base 4 360 ° swivel arms of cast aluminum and aluminum tube 40 mm.
shell seat in Polyporilène reinforced fiberglass, color white / gray, beige or graphite.
Armrest support Polypoprilène matching the hull. In the case of lacquered base, the latter is attached to the hull.
Seat Galette textile covering of cellular rubber 8 colors.

Chair / Chair: 4.5 / 5.0 kg
Chair / Swivel: 6.5 / 8.0 kg

Accessories (not rotating base)
felt tips
teflon tips 



Our company was founded in 1945 in the small town of Lammhult, in the south of Sweden. Since then, Lammhults has remained true to the philosophy of the modern movement instilled into the company by our founder Edvin Ståhl.

The timeless design of our furniture pays homage to this heritage while being resolutely turned towards the future. Our unique creations are the harmonious meeting of innovation and aesthetics.

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