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Living natural light into dark rooms

ecological alternative to the bulb for all buildings
An innovative source of natural light for all parts called "blind", whether housing or in buildings.

More light
New diffuser with translucent edges.

More design
Integration always discreet thanks to the flat glass surface of the small chassis.

Less energy expended
20% of energy loss in winter less compared to Sun Tunnel generation 2014 * Almost 40% of energy loss within the year adding ceiling insulation **

Easier to maintain
Outside, “Clear & Net” glazing system.
Inside, ceiling déclipsable ease.

Even easier to install
New flexible staples, new reversible elbows.

* Evolution of Ucl value between the Sun Tunnel and New Generation 2014 generation. CSTB value consistent with the rules Th-Bat 2012, for a typical installation: sloping roof; Non attic, duct 1.85 cm.
** Change in the value of the Sun Tunnel Ucl New Generation with ceiling insulation.


rigid conduit: for optimum illumination
Chassis, rigid tube highly reflective ceiling diffuser, vapor barrier collar airtightness.

Conduit flexible : suitable for small distances between roof and ceiling
Frame, ceiling diffuser, vapor barrier collar airtightness. 



VELUX® Since 1942, the VELUX Group aims to improve the living environment through the entry of natural light and fresh air through the roof.

Its range of products includes a wide variety of roof windows, solutions for flat roofs, natural light pipes and modular glass as well as a wide range of equipment. "

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