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More than fifty years of activity and success in international markets enabled the Casalgrande research center to make the most of his experience in the field of architectural ceramics.

The latest in this work, Bios Ceramics is a new generation of ceramic products for architecture that is distinguished by its particular characteristics involved in pollution reduction, self-cleaning and able to limit the proliferation of the main bacterial strains.

To meet the expectations of professionals, Casalgrande manufactures two very specialized product lines: Bios Bios and Self-Cleaning® Antibacterial®.

Bioactive ceramics for building applications are an innovative type of eco-responsible products, able to interface independently with the environment, to generate a series of virtuous process.

Among these processes, the reactions of chemical and biological type which have a positive impact through antibacterial capabilities, reduction of pollutants and self-cleaning surfaces, thereby contributing decisively to increase the quality of the habitat, inside and / or outside, where these elements are placed in ceramic.

The processes take place thanks to the particular nature of the materials and treatments that need neither power nor power supply, nor to renew the components required for the continuity in time of the reaction. 

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The company Casalgrande Padana has been producing advanced ceramic materials for more than 50 years: innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for packaging, flooring and coatings, able to satisfy any requirement of the world of architecture and design. The production - of which 80% are represented by non-enamelled porcelain stoneware tiles or 24 000 000 square meters of tiles realized per year - and the search for the brand are exclusively based in Italy. The results of this innovation policy are materialized by the 6 factories of Casalgrande Padana - 700 000 square meters of industrial facilities -, and no less than 1 000 employees, and a presence in 70 countries spread over the 5 continents.
Made exclusively of natural raw materials, the Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware is obtained thanks to a closed-loop process characterized by a very low impact on the environment.

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