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wall panel coated with an eco-designed wood look material
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Natural Dimensions is a Varia panel on which is affixed Green Blade, an eco-friendly material entirely hand-crafted made by FIB & Co. It is created from the trunk of a banana tree and allows for sophisticated wood-look panels in warm tones. and elegant for walls and partitions. 

Exclusively made from banana stems that grow back every nine months, this unique material transforms and recycles agricultural waste from the banana farming. and renewable raw material, Green Blade is produced responsibly and is not involved in deforestation and is.

4 colors available: Copse, Taiga, Silvam and Glade.

sustainable design 3form: Varia - made Ecoresin® containing 40% recycled content.

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3form manufactures panels and materials for architecture and decoration.

3form has designed the innovative system which employs 3form Varia Ecoresin for the inclusion of color, natural materials, textures and custom images in panels of translucent resin. The panels can then be transformed into walls, partitions, doors and other architectural solutions.

3form produces environmentally friendly materials and design that can be customized and adapted to any type of architectural project.

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