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More Color Formica Group is a palette of 30 HPL colors (HPL), available in various exclusive finishes to 8 Formica Group. In all, 240 combinations are possible.

The following finishes are available:
• AR PLUS®, a glossy trend, perfect to highlight or add a luxurious touch to the material;
• PLEX ™ is a pioneering texture inspired by the wonderful world of textiles, which illuminates the beauty of a surface by adding a classy touch and authentic;
• MICRODOT ™ is a modern texture with subtle concave circles in tight formation and a weakly lustrous satin finish that adds visual depth in a range of solid colors in vogue and gives an optical effect attractive to distance;
• SCULPTED ™ is a nice touch finish for a trendy style that creates an interesting dimension to the solid colors of surfaces;
• LINEWOOD ™ is a complex and rich texture that mimics the natural feature wood finishing brushed with a metal brush and pickled;
• ™ RIGATO is a modern classic pinstripes associated with a raised texture that gives depth to the surface. The subtle contrast between matt finishes and brilliant creates visual interest and touch that adds an extra dimension to a wide range of vertical applications whose appeal is timeless;
• NDF SATIN is a very smooth finish with low light reflection, perfect for vertical applications;
• 58 MATTE associated with finishes inspired by natural materials, offers clean, modern look.

ColorCore® Formica Group, a versatile and durable material, consistent color in the mass and without black border, is also included in this exclusive range. ColorCore® Formica Group includes solid color laminates where the product is heart of color to match the decorative surface, eliminating the usual dark edges of the laminate. The exclusive full color ColorCore® offers better surface performance and improved reach and potential for creativity. In addition, ColorCore® can be sandblasted, carved, chiseled and cutout for original designs in 3D.

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Formica Group is a leading global provider of design solutions in decorative surface for commercial and residential customers. As the largest high pressure laminate manufacturer (HPL), our global network of manufacturing sites, distribution and sales continues to Formica® a global brand.

The heritage and brand reputation of Formica Group companies are based on quality, service and strong and innovative product lines. Formica Group has developed unparalleled expertise that ensures that the products are tailored to market requirements. Working closely with architects, designers and specifiers, the company is ideally placed to offer new products that complement current design trends, and a continuous process of development and creation.

In May 2007, the Formica Group group of companies was acquired by Fletcher Building, one of the largest construction companies in Australia and New Zealand. The acquisition has resulted in the creation of the world's largest manufacturer of surfaces and high pressure decorative laminates.

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