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Surface fireproofing by application of finishes.

The application of finishes is possible - varnishes, paints or saturators - when dealing with the reaction to fire of wood-based materials.
Several scenarios are presented according to the desired aesthetic criteria, the classifications to be respected and the context of end use of the product (inside or outside).

There are two categories of finishes:

• Classifying finishes: they improve the reaction to fire of the substrate,
• Non-decommissioning finishes: do not modify the reaction to fire of the substrate.

Technical characteristics

Depending on the nature of the substrate, whether it is put into service indoors or outdoors, and the desired appearance (translucent or opaque, film-forming or not)

Woodenha Industries offers a range of products specifically developed for reaction to fire issues:

• Intumescent: classical paints or varnishes, composed of an active base that protects the substrate, combined with a topcoat.
• Varnishes: can be classifiable or non-decommissioning.
• Saturators: non-film-forming and non-degrading

Range of finishes Woodenha Industries


Verniflam® PV33®


Intumescent film-forming varnishes

Indoor use
Matt translucent appearance
Base in aqueous phase
Top-coat in solvent or aqueous phase

Can improve fire resistance



Rank B, s1-d0 / M1

Verniflam® AL20X

Intumescent paints

Indoor or outdoor use

Aspect opaque mat
Base et Top-coat 100% hydro


Rank B, s2-d0 / M1



Indoor use

Intumescent paints
Aspect opaque mat
Base et Top-coat 100% hydro


Rank B, s1-d0 / M1


Verniflam® M2


Film-forming varnishes
Matt translucent appearance
Solvent Phase
M2 Ranking


M2 Ranking

Verniflam® ND


Aqueous phase


Not downgrading



Matt translucent appearance
Aqueous phase
Outdoor / indoor use
Not downgrading


Not downgrading



Woodenha Industries is guided by one goal: to make the use of wood possible in buildings regardless of the regulatory context.

Passive fire safety is an essential point in the design of ERP (Public Establishment), collective dwellings and means of maritime and rail transport. Woodenha Industries has become a leader in its field thanks to its know-how, its expertise and a continuous Research & Development concerning reaction and resistance to fire.

Woodenha Industries offers the right solutions for fireproofing wooden elements, indoors and outdoors, using two types of process: autoclave impregnation and / or application of technical finishes.

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