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Dubbed AREA +, the collection for Dickson® pergola allows for the first time the realization of a fabric roof 100% waterproof with the Expansion range. Much more efficient than conventional fabrics and brighter than the slats, the new collection ranges AREA + offer sun protection quality and release the field of vision, allowing almost total openness towards the horizon. Thanks to its large widths, paintings AREA + offer lateral and frontal protection, allowing to better regulate the temperature inside the pergola. Resistant to wind, rain, sun protection, airy and bright, Dickson ® fabrics adapt to both frames and PVC materials, aluminum or wood.

The Dickson® Style and Technical teams have developed a homogeneous, complete and innovative collection of canvases for the pergola. Stretched fabrics and awnings, curtains, blinds, zip, the AREA + collection allows everyone to dress their pergola according to their needs and uses. It is available in 4 ranges, Expansion, Sunworker Cristal, Sunvision and Vélum & Natté.

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Technical characteristics

Colors 13 / 4 stripes. 3 years warranty. 300 cm web width. Dyed acrylic

10 plain colors. 5 years warranty. 296 cm web width. translucent PVC coated

11 colors. 5 years warranty. 250 cm web width. textile appearance

6 6 colors velum and in braided. 5 years warranty. Width of 296cm. Specially designed for outdoor curtains and net curtains, machine washable


Combining technology and design, EXPANSION range is the flagship of this new AREA + collection. Covered with a thin translucent membrane that gives it its waterproof qualities, it sports a textile and matte appearance. Its technical properties allow to isolate heat and UV and its fibers are naturally resistant to pollution and dirt.

> 13 colors / 4 stripes

> 3 year warranty

> Width of 300 cm

> Mass-dyed acrylic



The canvas SUNWORKER CRYSTAL AREA + combines wellness and thermal comfort. It shall also enter well in the roof side-view breeze, long widths for large-size projects. Various colors available, from lighter to darker, allow you to choose the light intake  wish. Impermeability, mastered light and heat, range Sunworker Cristal can meet all requirements.

> 10 solid colors

> 5 year warranty

> Width of 296 cm

> Translucent PVC coating



Woven on an innovative support, SUNVISION canvas is the first expanded canvas to touch and textile appearance. Designed to fit on the side of the pergola, preserves the glare of the sun and can see without being seen. Its original texture also allows it to effectively protect the night insects.

> 11 colors

> 5 year warranty

> Width of 250 cm

> Textile aspect



Specially designed for outdoor curtains and curtains, Vélum & Natté fabrics are weather resistant and give an undeniable cocoon style to the pergola. Easy to maintain, they are also machine washable.

> 6 colors in velum and 6 in basket weave

> 5 year warranty

> Width of 296cm

> Specially designed for outdoor curtains and curtains, machine washable



Dickson focuses its research on the development of new high performance materials. The R&D and styling teams thus work year round with the best laboratories and international trends offices and create differentiating products that are essential in home improvement solutions. 

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