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With CL.1, DORNBRACHT presents a new series of taps for the bathroom. This series features a sleek design that combines hard and soft contours. The CL.1 design faucet is characterized by its slender conical beak and the precise distance between the base and the valve body. With CL.1, DORNBRACHT sets new standards not only for the design of its products, but also in terms of surface finish.

The handles of this design fittings are available as an option with two different relief structures. The handles to smooth or structured choice possible to offer everyone a custom faucet design. The wash basin, 40 individual jets flow smoothly on the hands. The diffusion surface specifically designed for CL.1 minimizes splashing and limit water consumption (only 3,9 liters per minute). straight lines and flat surfaces defined rays, "golden section": all elements of the design CL.1 fittings are coordinated harmoniously proportioned according to the motto "Sharpen your senses" (Sharpen your senses). The abbreviation "CL" means "Culturing Life," the current currency of the DORNBRACHT mark, and the number 1 design symbolizes the first born in the new program launched by the brand.

Available in galvanized finishes chrome and matt platinum, the CL.1 series includes a wide range of fittings and accessories for sink, shower, tub and bidet. CL.1 can also be combined with products from other series and adapts optimally to the needs of everyone. Moreover, water points and control elements can be arranged flexibly, which opens up other prospects for custom layout. Smart Tools DORNBRACHT guarantee a particularly comfortable control of the valve design. These digital control elements to control the temperature and the water flow rate with precision, as well as activate useful presets and customized scenarios of a button.

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Dornbracht - this name symbolizes since 1950 the manufacture of fittings and accessories of high quality design for the bathroom. Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG, a medium-sized, third-generation family-run company, has made a major contribution to the equipment, architecture and functioning of the bathroom and kitchen with its Rewarded products. Beyond the sector, the international company headquartered in Iserlohn is considered highly innovative because it responds flexibly to change and progress and quickly applies promising concepts throughout the value chain. It thus consolidates the site and regularly reinforces its clear adherence to the "Made in Germany". With its long-term commitment, Dornbracht has also established itself as an important player in the European cultural scene.

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