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Crutches and caches rosettes stainless steel quality No. 1.4301 (AISI A2-304), matte finish, 20 mm crutches, with roses round solidarity crutches crutches, rosettes in two parts for easy mounting, fitted with a return spring under-rosettes nickel-plated steel fitted with a nylon insert (table or not, the customer's choice).

The integrated polyamide insert in the metal sub-rosette improves the strength of the topping: retention screws, support distribution on the door, better sound insulation of the return spring.

Invisible fixing rosettes using wood screws or through bolts (supplied) to 35 45 thick doors mm (mounting kits for doors 45-85 mm, separately), 8 square mm, mounting by crutches screw on needle pierced square.

Tested and approved according to European Standard EN 1906 - 4 class category of users: common uses - class durability 7: 200 000 cycles.

Datasheet Series IS 21.8



NORMBAU is a specialist in the field of hardware accessories and access control systems.

In all areas of construction or renovation, for public or private places, NORMBAU offers a wide range of products and systems that meet all the requirements, even the most unusual.

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