Cement self-cleaning, decontaminating and bacteriostatic for exposed concrete
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Cement self-cleaning, decontaminating and bacteriostatic for the architectural works of great quality and the horizontal and vertical structures.

By photocatalytic action, the ULTRA® cement gives concrete new properties:

- A character "self-cleaning", which limits the deposition of dirt of organic origin (moss, lichen ...). The ULTRA® cement and preserves the original appearance of the concrete facades.
- A character "decontaminating" which occurs by direct action on harmful gaseous substances [nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs: benzènetoluène ...)] produced by human activity (industry, automobile, domestic heating ...). And indirect action on ozone formation (O3), destroying pollutants ozone precursors which are mainly nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
- A character "bacteriostatic" of laboratory tests, according to UNI EN 11021: 2002, dismantled the products made from cement® prevent the growth of microorganisms (Aspergillus Niger Penicillium sp, Paecilomyces fulvum.) . The® cements create a healthier environment, particularly suitable for healthcare facilities.

The ULTRA® cement photocatalytic effect is intended for architectural work elements to keep unaltered aesthetic facades with its self-cleaning action. It was also developed to achieve erections and structures able to contribute actively to the reduction of air pollution (NOx and VOCs).

It adapts perfectly to the following areas:

• architectural precast panels.
• Items sunk in gross instead of stripping.

horizontal structures:
• Tile laying concrete or interlocking paving stones.
• Cement Tiles.
• Mineral Coatings cement base for road signs.
• earth-filled concrete.
• Concrete roads.

Vertical structures:
• Exterior coatings.
• cementitious mineral coatings.
• Coating Materials.
• Noise barriers.
• Slides.

Tunnels (application requiring artificial light source):
• cementitious mineral coatings.
• concrete panels.

The® cement ULTRA marked CE in accordance with EN-197 1.

This cement is a CEM I 52,5 N and is used in the same way as a traditional cement.


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With 10 factories, 6 sales agencies and 7 distribution centers in France, Ciments Calcia occupies the position of major of the cement industry in France.

A French subsidiary of the HeidelbergCement Group, Ciments Calcia offers a complete range organized around i.nova, a system that characterizes the performance of products for every need.

Gray cements, white cements, lime, masonry binders, road binders and special products, the diversity of Cements Calcia products, standardized CE and NF labeled, provides a response to all the requirements of the construction market.

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