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perforated Perf'comme, perfection, performance. A unique patented process to create the perfect replica of your signature. All expressions are transcribed by perforations of various forms in the metal.

The Perf'Design seductive force makes its uniqueness, by its elegance, finesse, grace; as its eccentricity, originality. This expertise is expressed in the most varied metals: aluminum, steel, stainless steel, corten ...

Units derived from a catalog the collections constantly enriched and personalized achievements, standard sizes or custom.

Technical characteristics

Materials : Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, Corten

Standard dimensions: 1000 2000 x mm x 1250 2500 and 1500 mm x mm 3000

Possibility of custom designs and dimensions



Founded in 2005, Metal Design Concept has continued to provide innovative solutions for metal architectural achievements. Seven years after the first patented achievements and signed Perf'Design © © Tress'Design, Metal Design Concept opens in 2013, 2014 Bul'Design then Alve'Design.

In parallel, the company develops with the first two methods Ex'Primae the brand: the high-end designer furniture. By developing novel alternatives for the development of housing and urban setting, the Saint Etienne company supports specifiers, architects and project managers in their domestic achievements as external projects.

If the fields of application are manifold - dressing and decoration of facades (cassettes, cladding, double-skin), light concepts (bright facades, signs ...), signage, filling plates (gardecorps, gates, doors ... ), gates, fences, trellises, walls, sunshades ... - one thing remains constant: to open new decorative and architectural perspectives. Thus transformed - perforated, braided, embossed or now honeycombed sheet never ceases to renew itself and to prevail in the architectural landscape by offering unprecedented visual effects and customization to infinity.

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The most outstanding architectural achievements elected by the professional community

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An International Award to the best products for architects and layout professionals

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