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Building metal structure, how to combine thermal performance and aesthetics? Metal siding has long suffered from its geographical reputation the industrial area. Today, other options available to owners and architects with complete facade systems in Avis Technique combining efficient insulation and choice of finish lines.

Like the Rockstyl 'System designed by Rockwool. The principle is simple: an insulating panel in rock wool, the preferred material of this application, specifically designed to integrate into metal trays, metal or synthetic rainscreen and finally an exterior finish siding panel aesthetic purposes.

A Perrignier, to make the seat one of the first metal buildings RT2012, MGE Sealing, architecture specialist industrial buildings in the Jura, chose this system. This is the exterior cladding Rockpanel Chameleon won the vote. This multi-directional finish, which owes its originality to its reflection changing color according to the light, closes the siding and gives an undeniable charm to the facade.

The construction becomes comfortable with a thermally and acoustically for those who work there. But it is also safe because it meets all fire regulations governing ERP, remember that the insulation Rock wool is non-combustible. The dual color, green to yellow-orange accents mark the frame with a stroke of original design that makes all the difference.



For more than 25 years, Rockpanel offers solutions for the cladding of facades and all other exterior claddings.

All its panels are made from basalt, a volcanic rock that perfectly combines the advantages of wood and stone combined.

Resistant to atmospheric aggressions (heat, UV, weather), durable and easy to work, Rockpanel products have an estimated lifetime of more than 60 years. They remain stable over time.

They are suitable for zero-emission construction projects (passive houses, etc.). The raw material used is durable and available at will. Thanks to an efficient tool, Rockpanel is able to produce more 400 m2 panels with 1 m3 of basalt.

The finished products are fully recyclable and are used for the production of rock wool products.

Rockpanel is a subsidiary of the Rockwool Group, the world leader in rock wool based systems. Rockpanel therefore relies on the solid reputation of its parent company whose experience (more than 80 years) is unanimously recognized.

Aside from Rockpanel, the Rockwool Group has a number of well-known subsidiaries such as Rockwool Technical Insulation, Rockfon, Rock Delta, Grodan and Lapinus.

It should be noted that the Rockwool Group created, in 1981, its own foundation which intervenes in the fields of poverty alleviation, health, and social.

For more information, please visit the Rockpanel and Rockwool websites, which are full of information on the products and systems offered.

For more information about the manufacturer, click here.

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