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Tent elegant and modular garden designed by Renato Morganti
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Pavilion is an amazing ombrante modular structure. The system is built around a hexagonal roof and side panels to provide support shadows to user areas and partition space.

On beaches, in gardens, around a swimming pool or on the terrace of a hotel, Pavilion is inspired by a tent, designed not only as protection against wind, sun and rain, but also as a space of life. The designer Renato Morganti offers a contemporary interpretation with geometries and proportions that lead to original and original architectural solutions: starting from a hexagonal roof of standard dimensions, the side panels are united with different inclinations to build architectures that vary in height, size and composition, allowing for a perfectly sized project in the installation space, according to needs and desires.

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Technical characteristics

This product can either be fixed on hard surfaces or provided ballast for free support on soft ground. The roof frame is aluminum, one of the support panels in stainless steel; the elements are combined together by polyurethane seals and molded steel together. The coating is available in white polyester fabric UV treated or Thuja, fabric for outdoor exclusive Paola Lenti. The coating is applied to structures with a special velcro that allows a quick release in case of necessity and therefore the safety of the structure.



Since 1994, Paola Lenti Company follows a coherent and dynamic entrepreneurial design oriented towards experimentation and research; this path has led it to become one of the benchmarks in the international design sector over the years.

While leafing through a Paola Lenti catalog, we discover new, balanced and minimalist domestic landscapes, based on opposites: past and present, exterior and interior, tradition and technology. Landscapes where structures of wood and metal coexist serenely to last in time; modern and comfortable seats for the interior and new solutions for the outdoors; elegant floral surfaces and refined carpets made from hi-tech yarns.

Unique projects in terms of appearance and performance, where the choice of materials and simplicity of form are fundamental. Projects intended to stay in time, both for the functional qualities and for the character of the chromatic and aesthetic choices.

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The most outstanding architectural achievements elected by the professional community

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An International Award to the best products for architects and layout professionals

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