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Limbus Barn & Fences is a collection of partitions and pavilions, designed to divide and define epsaces in offices and public interiors.

This collection was produced by Glimakra of Sweden and designed by Johan Kauppi to be launched at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018. 

It allows to create zones where the sounds are attenuated as well as totally soundproof zones, while preserving the opening of the space. 

This pavilion can be used for meetings or for workplaces. 

Fences can be repeated in rows to divide and define areas in public offices and interiors.

Fences combine autonomous stability and great flexibility that makes it easy to create temporary areas or walkways.

The system uses high precision hooks to secure the boards and only a few screws are needed to assemble the feet. 


Technical characteristics

The entire range of furniture is based on the same type of structures covered with acoustic fabric that has become one of the features of Glimakra of Sweden.

All precision hooks for mounting tables are systematically hidden and integrated. No additional tools or screws are needed, only a few screws are needed to mount the steel fence pipe and frame. 



Glimakra from Sweden is a Swedish company concerned with the quality and flexibility of its acoustic designs. With these last Glimakra created soundscapes syant to different types of public spaces. 

With their experience and know-how, Glimakra develops and manufactures these products in their own workshops in collaboration with many renowned designers.

Glimakra places the customer at the center of these concerns and aspires to ensure that its business has the least impact on the environment. Pure and unmixed materials are used to facilitate the recycling of products. Finally, suppliers are selected around the point of production to reduce transport distances.

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