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This concept, developed in cooperation with the office of Tesseraux + Partners architects, redefines comfort in the bathroom. Presented for the first time at international design "Salone del Mobile" in Milan in April 2016, high-fashion bath has already attracted a large audience.

Bette and the designer Dominik Tesseraux (Tesseraux + Partner, Potsdam, Germany) have joined forces to explore a new universe combining comfort and sensuality in the bathroom. Until now used for outdoor furniture, no one had ever dared to integrate this tissue vitrified steel in the bathroom. The interior of the vitrified steel bath has a central dump (Bette Sensory, emptying advisable electronic sensor) and a double folder.

The designer Dominik Tesseraux was also seduced by the concept of the tub: "The house is needed more than ever as a haven of peace, away from everyday stress. The time spent in the bathroom is of paramount importance, synonymous with well-being, rest and relaxation. Therefore, our customers want to feel as comfortable in their bathroom in their living room. "Echoing this trend, the design of the bathroom is becoming more refined and personalized and integrates even very often objects from the living room or the bedroom. "With dressed bath tissue, we are taking another step and transform the cold elegance and more technical of the object itself by a warm and friendly comfort that only the fabric can give us. "


Technical characteristics

Dressed of a textile nicely padded by specialist fabric JAB Anstoetz, Bette unveils his new couture tub, a unique concept with extremely fine edges of 8 mm.

This technical fiber is made of a waterproof, robust, hygienic and easy to maintain material. Its solid stainless steel structure gives it an aesthetic and functional line. The cabinet rests on feet, it is raised and allows easy cleaning under the bathtub.



Thanks to its long experience in steel processing and enamel recovery, Bette is today one of the most specialized manufacturers of high-quality steel / enamel bathroom products. Bette uses natural raw materials such as glass, water and steel to create products in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

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