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With BetteLoft, Bette has a particularly comfortable built-in bathtub with four conical surfaces. Its very thin rim allows to decorate the bathroom with refinement.

A concealed basin completes the set for total harmony. The BetteLoft Ornament concept offers a freestanding bathtub and wall-mounted washbasins of unparalleled finesse, all in vitreous titanium steel. The aprons are decorated with geometric reliefs such as diamond facets. BetteLoft Ornament affirms its original architectural character and allows a personalized design of its bathroom and its habitat.

On the classic built-in bathtub, the pristine beauty of the vitrified steel is perfect. A thin rim frames the inner body so characteristic of the bathtub. With its large flat surfaces and comfortable dorsal geometry, it invites to a long pleasant bath

Technical characteristics

Called BetteLoft Ornament, the 181 x 81 centimeter freestanding bathtub becomes the focal point of the bathroom.

The matching wall-mounted washbasin uses the same geometric pattern, with one or four rows, to hide the siphon or not. Combined with the bath, the basin opens many possibilities of customization in accordance with current tile trends. The wall-mounted washbasin with reliefs on one row is available in 82,5 x 52,5x 12,5 centimeters and the one with four rows in 81 x 51 x 42 centimeters.



Thanks to its long experience in steel processing and enamel recovery, Bette is today one of the most specialized manufacturers of high-quality steel / enamel bathroom products. Bette uses natural raw materials such as glass, water and steel to create products in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

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