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The TOTO Flotation Tub bath, the fruit of 10's years of research, offers a meditative and health-beneficial bathing experience, allowing you to reach a completely new level of relaxation thanks to the Zero Dimension technology.

Technical characteristics

Size: width 2200 x depth 1050 x size 800 mm
Weight: 140kg
Capacity: 295L
White Colour


1. The adjustable ergonomic cushion diffuses through a thin slit of warm water that surrounds the neck and upper back with beneficial warmth.

2. The bathtub is made by a process adding several layers of mineral material to an ultra smooth and resistant finish.

3. In the bathtub it is the combined technology of jets hydrohands and the air nozzle that intervenes to gently massage the tired muscles and regenerate the whole body.

4. The relaxation is made possible thanks to a precise position of the body - sitting lower in the tub and slightly bent legs comparable to the position of an astronaut during his sleep in weightlessness.



TOTO transforms bathrooms into oases of well-being. For this, TOTO combines Japanese design with European design, German engineering with Japanese innovation. Founded from 1917 in Kitakyushu, Japan, TOTO develops these products and distributes them from 2009 in Europe. TOTO is also developing complete bathroom equipment.

One of TOTO's main aspirations is to combine comfort with environmentally friendly technology. TOTO's products incorporate technological advances in an intelligent and almost invisible way in design, while giving great importance to hygiene, respect for resources and comfort.

As a complete bathroom equipment supplier, Japan's leading manufacturer offers sanitary ceramics, faucets, furniture and accessories created in close collaboration with renowned European designers. TOTO celebrates these 100 years in 2017 and employs 28 000 people worldwide.

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