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Sofa by designer Amine Fallat
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The heyday boudoir of this model to the curves curvaceous mingles with rigor and strict thickness. Covered with two fabrics, Sofia sofa seduces with its elegance and sobriety.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions (W x D xh): 205 / 225 91 cm x x 74

Siding: All leathers and fabrics of the collection except Duvivier and Antika Koskoa.



Canapés Duvivier is positioned as leading French manufacturer of contemporary leather sofa for residential use. His expertise and reference made in several areas:

  • a selection of quality leather, unique in the world (10 different qualities of leather, all full flower)
  • implementation of thick, natural leathers whose mastery is unmatched by any other manufacturer
  • exceptional comfort in all products offered
  • a guarantee (design, materials, manufacturing), which ensures that the seats will remain beautiful and comfortable long
  • the ability to adapt the seats to specific requests (size, comfort, coating)

Today, beyond the requirement of quality and craftsmanship, Canapés Duvivier is known for its style both contemporary, cozy, comfortable, cozy and elegant.

DUVIVIER Productions is also the owner of FIRST TIME, reference mark in the fields of hotel and decoration.

Originally built around a modern and innovative line of sofas but warm and comfortable, the FIRST TIME range has been extended over the years son through various collaborations with interior designers and talented designers. Thus, in addition to the accession of individual customers, its collections are also mostly taken by professionals - prescribers.

DUVIVIER Productions is then contract manufacturer for Catherine Memmi, Hugues Chevalier and finally HERMES.

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