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MyMIX® unique innovation on the market allows to mix and coordinate poles and grids, in order to compose a fence adapted to the needs and the configuration of all the projects of installation, with a wide choice of options and accessories. Whatever the needs of delimitation, protection and the destination of the project (administration, tertiary site, collective housing, ...), it is easy to customize the bar to coordinate with the architectural identity of the buildings. Mix, compose, personalize and meet all the protection and aesthetic requirements of your projects.
MyMIX® allows you to meet the challenge in all configurations, guaranteeing choice and simplicity. To harmonize your site perfectly, choose a matching gate + fence. The compatibility of the myMIX® bar with the ALLIX® portal allows you to design a complete system: grid + pole + portal DIRICKX

Technical characteristics

The grids and posts are installed by nesting, on advancement thanks to a practical and resistant connection system. The posts are pre-drilled for easy installation. For angled and stepped configurations, non-drilled posts will be preferred for a more precise fit. Grids and poles are interchangeable, so all combinations can be imagined and realized.

• Round or square bars
• Round bars: 3 diameters as desired ø 20, 25 and 30 mm
• Square bars of 25 section x 25 mm: straight or oriented to 45 °
• Smooth: 50 x 30 mm
• Exceeding or non-protruding bars

• Squares 60 x 60 cm or round diameter 60 mm
• Plate or seal
• Pierced (intermediate pole) or unperforated (for curbs and angles)

Height from 1 m to 2,50 m

• Sendzimir galvanized steel grids and posts and factory polyester lamination
• Stainless steel connection accessories
• "Protect +" coating for the most corrosive areas

• 7 standard colors: Blue 5002, Green 6005, Gray 7016, Gray 7035, Brown 8019, White
9010, Black 9005,
<br>• 10 common colors: Beige 1015, Yellow 1023, Red 3002, Red 3004, Blue 5010, Blue 5015, Green 6009, Gray 7030, Brown 8014, Gray 9006.
• 200 colors RAL and 10 shades sandblasted Collection Elégance ®

It is also possible to opt for bicolour: grids and poles of different colors for a perfect integration with the architecture of the building.



The DIRICKX Group is the international specialist in perimeter protection sites across a wide range of products and services for the delimitation, closing, monitoring and managing access and security.

Leading French manufacturer of metal fences and gates, DIRICKX constantly innovating to offer products that meet the criteria of safety, aesthetics and ease of installation demanded by users. More 40 patents, trademarks and 30 20 models enabled DIRICKX get the INPI Innovation Trophy in 2008.

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