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Marble pieces with organic lines by designer Elia Devoti
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Nuvola is a collection for the bathroom that consists of a sink and a bathtub. Made of marble, these pieces imagined by designer Elia Devoti let the material speak in soft, cloudy shapes. The contrast is born of the nature of the product, and heavy mineral that is here sign of lightness and softness. 

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Dedalo is a company founded in 2012, an offshoot of the house Devoti 3D, historical society in the field of marble, located at Carrara from 60 years and by the will of two young entrepreneurs, Elisa and Elia, to combine with technology particularly innovative developed and patented by them, the expressive power and elegance of marble to the need to adapt it to contemporary design.
Dedalo designs and manufactures monolithic objects for luxury furniture in lightweight marble and contemporary design without compromising for reasons of weight, the three-dimensional vocation, providing the ability to create sculptural forms.

All marble products are made from a block, without any glued piece without cracks cemented or other typical signs of stones assembled products or lifts. The monoliths obtained are dug to allow a "skin" of 5 / 7mm thick. Then the created cavity is filled with an epoxy resin mixed with an inert vitreous body. This product is highly resistant to compression, provides excellent grip with the stone, it does not change its color and preserves the mechanical and thermo-mechanical properties of marble.

This results in a compressive strength (loads and impacts) identical to that of marble, but especially a resistance to temperature variations. In addition, for the same size, our products have a similar weight, if not less, to similar ceramic products, which significantly expands the possibilities of installation. Indeed, marble monoliths weight is reduced by about 65%. Proof: washbasin Dedalo, if immersed in water, floats ...

Dedalo technology also means, for baths, an important additional feature: the foam inside the monolith keeps heat water longer than normal marble bath, ensuring maximum relaxation during a hot bath , favored also by the ergonomics of the tub.

Dedalo does not only mean comfort and functionality, but also sophisticated and refined style. The shapes are inspired by nature, elements and phenomena in eternal movement, such as rivers, sea waves, craters, clouds, as perfectly shown by the different elements of the NUVOLA collection declined, for example, in marble “Bianco Carrara, Bardiglio Nuvolato, Crema Luna, Rosso Collemandia, Calacatta Caldia or Onice Arcoiris”.

Dedalo is 100% "made in Italy" and is also working on a way on the most prestigious projects in the world.


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