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The project brings together three entities (school groups, gym and staff housing) coexisting on a single land between the suburban fabric of the City of Wood and Forest Turaude the protected area. All thoughts of NOMADE Architects on the project has to overcome the habits of educational programs to refresh the institutional nature of the school by anchoring it in its natural context.
The three buildings, each in their own way, favor integration in the great landscape of their materials and their implementations. The two buildings (school gym) match the natural slope to put nature at the heart of the project.
The NOMAD agency wanted to optimize the conditions of comfort children with a green heart with a fun and educational architectural style and a garden patio for educational purposes. The central patio made of three basins planted with plants, collects water circulating system after the purification of rainwater, creating reflections and pleasant movements and tranquilizers for the child. Thus the patio allows the amount of natural light in the heart of the school and recalled the nature and the environment thereof.
These two small interior green lungs offer teachers an educational tool and become a tool in raising awareness of ecological issues for children.

Project title : School group Bartelottes
City, Country: La Ville du Bois (91)
Project ownership: La Ville du Bois
Mastery of work : NOMADE Architects
Area : 3 450 m2
Cost of works: 5 400 000 euros HT
Calendar : November 2015

Photos: Patrick H. Müller

The project is selected for ArchiDesignclub Awards 2017 in the category Elementary Education

To learn more, visit ArchiDesignclub the Awards site and NOMADE Architects

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