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Designed for complex projects, high technical requirements in terms of thermal performance, acoustic and solar protection, WICLINE 115 AFS is for health facilities, cultural, sports and leisure, hotel parks and nearby buildings areas of airports, railways and highways solicited. It is intended to market new and renovation.

WICLINE 115 AFS is the new breathable solution that acts like a thermo-acoustic shield while ensuring optimal visual and sun protection through a fully integrated and motorized awning. It is breathable concealed sash, based on a module 115 mm made of aluminum profiles with a simple exterior glazing and a double or triple glazed interior, forming an air space protected by a filter. This stainless steel filter is totally concealed and integrated in the upper part of the leaf outside. The heat tends to rise, this process prevents the overheating within the cavity and also significantly reduces the moisture on the inside thereof. This process, called Active Flow System, met the test of non fogging during a test conducted at CSTB (Report No. Facet 16-26060046).

Leaf service

The independent service leaf opening allows easy and convenient access to the air space and motorized blind, facilitating maintenance.

The installation "plug and play"

WICLINE 115AFS allows installation "more and play" simple and reliable motorized solar shading system between opening outside and inside.

The profile geometry allows a hidden window blinds installation. When the shutters are closed, only the blades are visible. The head piece, the guides of the blind and the lower rails are fully integrated into the frame, to obtain a completely homogeneous facade - outside and inside - and completely reduce lateral sunlight.

Technical characteristics

Maximum dimensions per leaf: L 1 700 2 500 mm x H mm.
Profile characteristics: frame depth 115 mm.
Building depth: 125 or 135 mm.
filling thickness up to max. 50 mm and max. 100 mm for a fixed window.
Faces profiles views: Door of 84 mm max. 94 mm.
Traverse 128 mm max. 158 mm.
inside 90 mm leaf; Leaf outside 35 mm; Uw = thermal 1,1 W / (m²K) with double glazing Ug = 1,1 W / (m²K); Uw = 0,83 W / (m²K) with triple glazing Ug = 0,6 W / (m²K); Rw acoustic (C; Ctr) = 49 dB (-2; -4) with double glazing insulation inside and single glazing on the outside; Rw (C; Ctr) = 50 dB (-1; -4) with triple glazing insulation inside and outside single glazing.
AEV tests 4 A * - E * 1200 - V * C5 / B5 Hidden Hardware: maximum weight per leaf = 160 kg; visible hardware: Maximum weight per leaf = 200 kg.
Opening types: the French, tilt-turn, hopper  



WICONA, international brand, develops, designs and markets aluminum systems for building façades, windows, sliding, doors, railings. Process development engineer-designer, specializing in quality technological solutions, WICONA is renowned for its high standards for reliability, performance, durability and recycling.

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