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Olfactory ™ is an innovative solution that captures, fixed and neutralizes 24h / 24h odors 7jours / 7 through organic molecules of natural origin.
This technological innovation allows to associate decorative functional: the olfactory ™ coating integrates seamlessly with an interior design project or spaces makeover to bring more convenience.
Available as transparent adhesive matte coating or as satin clearcoat, olfactory ™ is on a very wide variety of surfaces (walls, partitions, doors, windows, tiles, ...) and is used in theaters meetings, corporate cafeterias, elevators, locker rooms, toilets, bins premises, laundry ...
No health hazard, olfactory ™ contains no nanoparticles (controversial for their toxicity). It contains no fragrance often cause allergies, and does not saturate the air as deodorants or perfumes.

Ranked M1, olfactory ™ provides maximum comfort in Public access buildings (shopping centers, kindergartens, hospitals, hotel rooms, cafeterias, locker rooms ...).

Examples of sites already equipped with olfactory ™: Créteil Soleil shopping center (94), Caisse d'Epargne Agency (59), Crèche du Val St Germain (91) Veterinary Clinic (60) etc ....


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Leader on the three major markets of the adhesive, MACtac manufactures since 55 years of innovative and effective solutions for communication and decoration, industry labels and assembly. MACtac is a subsidiary of Bemis group employs 19.000 people worldwide. 

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