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Stores fireproof glass fabric PVC and halogen
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The fabric Screen Nature Ultimetal relies on technical fabric Screen Nature and, thanks to its metallic face provides optimum internal sunscreen, a good compromise between thermal and visual comfort:
- The metallized side, facing glazing side reflects sunlight to control the heat, and maximizes light transmission for glare control (including computer screens)
- The textile front, inside, control the amount of natural light and offer unrivaled transparency.

The composition of the fabric Screen Nature Ultimetal is part of a sustainable development process and allows for energy savings by enhancing the performance of glazing intended to eco efficient buildings; allowing a measured use of air conditioning in summer and heating in winter, and artificial lighting. The fabric Screen Nature Ultimetal helps to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

mineral composition for minimal impact on the environment: 100 100% Glass% PVC free, halogen-free polyester and

• Non-flammable, no smoke emission M0 (NFP 92 503) Euroclass A2, s1-, d0, F0
• transparent heat shield - Rs: 70% Up 75% of solar energy rejected (gtot = 0,25) in the glazing
• Very low emissivity 14%. The tissue acts as a thermal insulator to ensure comfort in summer and winter comfort
• Very good glare control - Tv: 6 94%% Up filtered light rays
• Reduction of energy consumption of buildings contributes to obtaining credits in programs eco-efficient buildings such as HQE®, BBC, LEED, BREEAM
• Fabric elegant and fine, easy to use, it fits into the trunk blinds compact

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Technical characteristics

Thanks to its metallized side, the fabric Screen Nature Ultimetal combines technically a high solar reflection (70%) as well as excellent visible transmittance (Tv ¬ 6), and this regardless of the colors selected for the indoor environment. Thermal comfort is total and glare and annoying reflections are perfectly controlled.



For over 60 years, Mermet, technical textile manufacturer, designs and manufactures technical and decorative sun protection fabrics for the second out of the building. With this experience, the company has developed and ensure its sustainability through expertise focuses primarily on the use of fiberglass.

Mermet meets today 4 market requirements:
• Sun protection (external blinds, internal blinds)
• Tensile structures (textile architecture, space planning)
• signage (graphic communication and signage)
• Acoustics (sound environment, acoustic ergonomics)

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