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In both classic and contemporary interiors, the new USM Haller E lighting system highlights both the furniture, its contents and its environment.

The Swiss manufacturer has designed a spectacular new system in which the power supply and the light sources are directly integrated into the furniture structure. One click and the light is made, is modulated and varies according to the needs and desires ...

Placed on the back of the furniture, the lighting elements are also used to identify and create a sophisticated atmosphere.
Lighting is not the only new feature built into the USM Haller fitting system: it is also possible to directly charge mobile devices onto the structure. Like light sources, USB chargers attach themselves to the required location, with a single click, in predefined cuts flush with the tubes, making them particularly discreet.

This innovative integration of power supply and lighting in the load-bearing structure of furniture is not the result of an improvement but embodies anticipation of the future: mobile application control, furniture surfaces Tactile programming and scenic lighting are all promising fields of research in which USM Haller has more than one surprise.



Swiss family business, USM has been part of a quality and sustainable development approach for 130 years. Its USM Haller furnishing system, whose modular design is based on an assembly of steel tubes and connecting balls, offers endless possibilities.

With a timeless aesthetic, the USM furniture is distinguished by its modularity and remarkable functionality.

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