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The LTB program, whose name echoes the initials of the designers Le Téo & Blet, was designed to respond to the evolution of current working methods. Today, the office is no longer the only place to welcome clients and meet colleagues. LTB naturally blends into this context and opens up spaces that historically have not often been used as workplaces: airport lounges, campus common rooms, hotel lobbies or even hallways. 'company.

LTB is a range of lounge furniture that combines the comforts of home and office furniture. he offers an alternative way of sitting to the traditional static sitting in front of your desk. It invites movement in the workspace and allows new postures. Based on a few simple and easily reconfigurable elements, LTB offers two seat sizes, depths of 50 and 65 cm, one more conducive to inspiration and the second to a dynamic and interactive exchange.

The armrest is at the heart of the LTB program with its dual function of armrest and backrest. Symmetrical, it constitutes a single piece (no right or left to manage) and can be installed throughout the seat and repositioned at will. 'L' or '8' shaped cushions can also be positioned on the seats and support the design and practicality of the whole. These elements, combined with tables, light and easy to install vertical partition walls, electrification solutions and media libraries, offer an unlimited choice of arrangements to structure the space.

LTB received the Best Of NeoCon Gold award at the NeoCon Chicago show in 2011. 



Haworth designs, manufactures and markets furniture for all tertiary areas: collaborative spaces, executive offices, meeting rooms, storage, seating, reception and lounge areas. Each standard product lines can be the basis for custom developments.

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