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The essential feature of this range is the bi-chroma. The choice of colors is free 2, and without added value. This feature, combined with a strict geometric design, gives its character to this new product line.

ZEO bench and chair
The bi-chroma gives a very light appearance, separating the legs of the seat almost aerial way. The legs are made of steel (zinc powder + baked polyester). The seat is made of slats 3, 2 the back slats. We offer iroko in "standard" gasoline. Acacia is also available on request. It is protected by an insulating tinted bath and 2 coats of stain. Ability to add optional armrests.

ZEO bench
The technical specifications are identical to the above bench. It consists of a base steel and 3 wooden slats. Armrests are optional. Choice of colors, without added value in all RAL or Futura Akzo Nobel. Armchair, sofa and small table complete the seating collection.

Support Bike ZEO
Made entirely of steel (zinc + baked polyester powder), its two-tone finish and signage make it immediately recognizable product. Visually light, it will fit perfectly on any type of public space.

ZEO basket and ashtray
The ZEO basket is square. The cover, in different body color, helps draw the eye to the opening dedicated to waste, thus facilitating the movement of users. It also offers protection in inclement weather. The ZEO basket is made entirely of steel (zinc + powder polyester cooked in the oven). The bin is in galvanized steel. The lateral opening simplifies the collection. We propose the trash, the trash recycling bins 2, vigipirate the basket, the basket and ½ the ashtray.

Bollards and terminal ZEO
Designed in the same spirit as the entire range, the terminals and posts are available in fixed version, removable and retractable. The different sections are 70, 100 and 160mm. Their upper parts contrasting with their lower parts, they are in accordance with the PMR standard. The opening in the upper part allows also to create alignments of great lightness.

Small table and bench ZEO
A clean and simple assembly. The benches, made of laths only 2, add lightness in a very contemporary.





Urban furniture manufacturer since 17 years, the company has continued to pursue its development. The products are made from steel, stainless steel and wood. The integrated design office provides responsiveness and adaptability to master works and designers of public spaces. This close cooperation is the basis of the work of Universe and City. Their latest catalog has been published. Enriched 2 new complete lines of products, it also includes many new features on existing lines.

Univers et Cité offers elegant, simple, functional and easily identifiable products. To allow the creation of more distinctive layouts, each range also presents one or more products with a strong identity. Durability and comfort remain a goal.

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