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From the world of fashion, the Mix and Match trend quickly gained decoration and today floors. Unlike the total look, sometimes considered too wise, this combination of styles hustles codes, brings relief, personality or a bit of madness.
Balsan is reappropriating this trend and unveiling Mix-Up, a new collection of modular carpets, serving creativity and personalization. Mix effects, impressions, colors, invent motifs in the pose. Create a graphic effect, an explosive shock or, more serenely, play the shades. The goal is to express the unique personality of the place, to embody the image of the company. An artistic exercise that transcends any creator!

Technical characteristics

26 references selected, a wide choice of colors and effects, to give free rein to his imagination. Slabs, planks, or both partners, mix formats: chevron, checkerboard, or a path ... Mix-Up allows you to play on the structures to infinity to create the unexpected.

The only velvet in the planks collection, its slightly curly appearance captures the radiance of light. Its generous height of 8 mm brings a surprising material effect. Gradients of gray and beige allow a meadow green for its nature note and a trendy duck blue.

Composed of Econyl yarn, all in small loops, this line borrows its graphic theme random wood grain. Neutral tones in shades, enhanced by tonic colors: lemon, mandarin and navy.

Curly, robust, ultra resistant with recycled Econyl recycled yarn, this essential has a perfect mastery of practical life: easy maintenance, excellent color resistance. We put on the inevitable: 2 gray, 2 beige and 2 colored, red carmine and turquoise.

Canopy to Bark
Graphic motifs inspired by trunks and bark for this bestseller of Macro Micro. What is more natural then, than to give them a format all in length in adequacy with the image of the trees. The two motifs combine in shades of gray.



Balsan, French manufacturer of textile floors, offers a full range of quality carpets with 2 000 references in sheets and tiles, and thus provides personalized answers, aesthetic and functional to all market requirements of new and rehabilitation, for all public and private places.

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