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A product, multiple identities.

Maestro is an innovative, multi-faceted outdoor product that offers a wide range of choices to outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy their outdoors with state-of-the-art solutions with inimitable style.
The main configuration of Maestro is a freestanding aluminum structure, whose cover can be provided with a sliding canvas or adjustable blades.

In the version of Maestro with adjustable blades, the profile is only 25 cm, the non-salient gutter and the maximum dimensions of the individual module are 470 x 620,5 cm. The vertical closures are integrated and the lines are of extreme purity.

The blades are oriented up to 140 ° and it is possible to choose the opening direction, depending on the degree of light or shade you want to have inside.

The engine of the Maestro model is not visible and the slats remain visible on 9,5 cm only when they are fully open.

In the Pergotenda® version, the canvas can be:

- equipped with arcuate tubes, for a curved appearance of great dynamism, particularly effective in the management of rainwater
- tensioned with spacers
- alternating trapezoidal.


The ability to reach 700 x 700 cm on the 3 slide model with spacers or with a trapezoidal canvas, without the need for a central pillar and with a single canvas, makes Maestro particularly competitive and original.

The 25 cm frontal profile, the re-entrant gutter (12 cm), the integrated vertical closures and the non-cranked pillar-to-profile join complete the unique features of the product, resulting in extremely clean lines typical of Corradi exterior exteriors.

Both configurations - canvas or blades - allow to associate the structures without doubling the pillar, in order to be able to cover large areas in an efficient and elegant way too.


Technical characteristics


Pergotenda® Maestro

2 module slides with trapezoidal fabric 400 x 700 cm - class EN 13561: 4

2 slide module with curved fabric 550 x 700 cm - class EN 13561: 3

3 slide module with spacers 700 x 700 cm - class EN 13561: 3

Jazz Version: Integrated chrome gutters

Bioclimatic Pergola Maestro

Max Dimensions Single module 470 x 620,5 - class EN 13561 with closed blades: 6

Integrated gutters


MOBILE GUTTER (Pergotenda® Maestro) 12 cm
STEP OF LAMELLES (Bioclimatic Maestro) 21,5 cm

Freestanding / Terraced
Motorized movement
Integrated lateral closure possible
Led lights
Absence of visible screws
CE marking

COLORS: Anthracite, Brown, Ivory, White, Gray, White Plus, Titanium, Cor 10, Salt & Pepper, Dark Gray, Dark Bronze, Night, Ral®



Since 1978, Corradi designs and produces outdoor solutions where life is good all year round.
Thanks to a permanent research work and to its ability to see the full potential of an outdoor space, Corradi manages to find customized and tailor-made solutions, where Made in Italy style and elegance are combined with materials and technologies. advanced to meet the essential practical requirements in outdoor spaces.

40 years of know-how have led Corradi to a level of industrialization such as his, and the creation of a unit specifically dedicated to special projects.

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