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The collection of soil μ tile is designed to interact with the time and space, reacting to changes in light. A subtle nuances takes shape on the surface throughout the day. This series is inspired by the extraordinary relationship between lighting and the color spectrum.
After undertaking extensive research on the nature, the ancient Greek philosophy on the color and current trends in design, Mosa has created his own interpretation of color.

The result ? Contemporary ceramic surfaces to the dynamic appearance, whimsical and changeable.

Mosa specialists have studied pigments for ceramics and how they interact and their relationship with other elements, such as light, distance, angle of view and the presence of colored objects nearby. Rendering μ floor tiles varies according to the light, creating effects of elusive colors and full of surprises. μ fully exploit the three-dimensional space surrounding it by adding a fourth dimension, i.e. time.

Mu is the winner of the MIAW 2017 in the Materials / Ceramics category.

Technical characteristics

• Dimensions: 60 60 cm x
• Thickness: 12 mm
• 4 colors
• Accessories: format baseboards 90 9,5 cm x



With 130 years experience in the manufacture of ceramic tiles, Mosa develops unique technologies for the production of ceramic and floor tiles.

The whole design and production of ceramic tiles are made in workshops in Maastricht; what keep a compact and flexible process.

Moreover Mosa adopts a responsible attitude in relation to the environment. This approach is not limited to the development and production: it extends to recycling tiles principle that has earned Cradle to Cradle Silver certification.

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