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Construction material appeared in the nineteenth century, laminated zinc has many aesthetic and functional assets that allow it to adapt to all architectural styles.

Thanks to its exceptional malleability, the zinc-titanium elZinc® follows the most unusual and complex geometries. It can also be installed on low slope roofs (5% minimum) as well as on the front or on the underside.

A versatile material
Its natural character and re fl ections which evolve over time make zinc-titanium a material of extraordinary versatility.
Available in various gray or colored shades, zinc elZinc® can blend in with its environment or, on the contrary, enhance the unique character of a design.
Its versatility, in terms of installation systems and surface aspects, enables it to be installed inside and outside, to cover the entire building, or simply to be used as an element decorative. It also blends harmoniously with other materials such as glass, stone or wood ...

A resistant material
One of the main characteristics of zinc-titanium is its high resistance to corrosion. Living material, zinc-titanium will develop a patina that will protect it for several decades. These remarkable properties make it an impermeable and weather resistant coating. ElZinc® zinc-titanium is a sustainable investment.

An environmentally friendly material
Natural element, zinc is essential to any form of life. Used in the building, it contributes to the respect of the environment.
Zinc is one of the few building materials that can be recycled indefinitely and at 100%, without losing any of its chemical and mechanical properties.



Asturiana de Laminados SA, which operates under the brand elZinc®, is one of the leading producers of rolled zinc 3 the world.

Distributed in France since 2009, zinc-titanium alloy elZinc® rigorously meets the EN988 standard specification benchmark for flat rolled products for the building.

At the forefront of technology, elZinc® has developed a wide range of products and surface finishes for the cover and the facade covering. They are found in more than 35 country.

Today, more than 100 people make their expertise available to offer personalized sales and technical support throughout your projects.

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