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For buildings with complex and aesthetically pleasing designs, the system offers a quick build solution with a high level of technical performance. Dri-Design cassettes are available in 4 formats, with each cassette integrating into one another: Dri-Design Flat for a smooth appearance Dri-Design Tapered can be oriented in any direction according to various degrees tilt and depth. Dri-Design Shadow lets you add depth and definition to any architectural design. Each element can extend to different thicknesses to create a certain texture or to dynamically modify the patterns. Dri-Design Perforated uses sophisticated computer-aided manufacturing. Simply vary the size, location, and density of the perforations to create light, dark, or intermediate shades when forming the pattern. These perforations also provide the required airflow and / or shade to a structure. These patterns can be created from any digital artwork. This freedom to design each specific cassette offers an unlimited number of possibilities to create a dynamic surface, unique on almost any facade, with options in anodized aluminum or with post-lacquering offering great durability.



Kingspan Group is the world leader in high performance thermal insulation and building envelope solutions with the goal of making our buildings more energy efficient. Founded in the late 60 years, the group has grown steadily to become a leading brand in the construction industry.
The group comprises five operational divisions: Insulated Sandwich Panels, Insulation, Access Floors, Environmental and Light & Air.

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