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An alternative and intelligent solution to the use of tropical timber
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The new Bamboo range of x-treme Moso is performed according to an eco-friendly manufacturing process with carbon neutral or even positive as demonstrated by the University of Delft (Netherlands). Furthermore, bamboo is an excellent fixative CO2 and minimizes emissions of greenhouse gas, throughout the production process.

Bamboo X-treme Moso, an innovative patented product

The bamboo x-treme decking is made from heat-treated bamboo fiber, compressed at very high density. This patented manufacturing process gives the decking bamboo x-treme exceptional strength and durability, well above the best species of tropical timber. Furthermore, assembly and bonding thus manufactured blades are guaranteed for 10 years of quality proposed by MOSO International.

Single class of bamboo decking 4 available on the market (according to EN335 standard), bamboo x-treme Moso can be installed in wet conditions.

Bamboo X-treme Moso, a natural, aesthetic, available in many finishes. Currently available in decking, Bamboo X-treme Moso comes in many outdoor applications: terraces, gardens, swimming pool round. And also in 2 aspects with a smooth face and one grooved.

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MOSO INTERNATIONAL specializes in the development of innovative and environmentally friendly products made from bamboo.

3 product lines:
- Flooring & flooring
- Panels & Panel covering
- Terrace Blades

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