A Fredericia au Danemark, l'agence Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects a conçu la nouvelle banque Brørup Sparekasse. Un bâtiment aux lignes tendues habillé d'une façade ventilée réalisée en plaques de Corian. Des plaques blanches emboitées les unes dans les autres comme les pièces d'un puzzle.

Sur la Brørup Bank, l'agence Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects précise:

"A new branch of Brørup Savings Bank in Fredericia, Denmark is located on the junction of Vejlevej and Vestre Ringvej. An existing two-level office building has been demolished and replaced by a dynamic new savings bank.

The intention has been to create more than just a typical savings bank, but one where home values meets service. This is reflected in the building's multiple functions including service, meeting and dialogue rooms, exhibition facilities, a lounge, an internal plaza and a drive-in. The Bank also works as a platform for meetings between its occupants. The building emerged from contextual circumstances where a villa on the northern side generates the lowest point. From there on, the building raises and forms a strong and open corner.

An urban plaza towards the east flows into the building where the façade is inclined inward, forming the main arrival point. The composition ends with the drive-in feature, which is designed as a dynamic shape forming a natural part of the building’s sculptural expression. The interior is a floating and transparent movement between three levels with a strong visual connection between each level. The interior opens towards the urban plaza and gives views to the lowered urban garden.

A subtle Tetris-like pattern of solid Corian forms a dynamic homogeneous external surface to the building façade. The pattern of the white façade is expressed in several layers. Square windows support the pattern and create a vibrant composition, emphasizing the building as a dynamic sculpture."

Photographies:  Jens Nygaard / Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

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