L'architecte portugais Hugo Proença a réalisé le réaménagement de cette extension d'appartement à Lisbonne pour y créer un bureau et studio de travail.

Situé au 8ème étage d'un immeuble des années 70, l'espace est minimal et épuré, les rangements et les portes se dissimulent dans les cloisons épaisses. 

Sur ce projet, Hugo Proença précise:

"The intention was to adapt an extension type T1 of a main apartment into a work studio, located in the center of Benfica, Lisbon. Situated on the 8th floor of a 70's style building with some teaching of modernism, but in an advanced state of adulteration, the two properties take advantage of a few qualities still present, a clear view overlooking the surrounding buildings.The project seeks, through a language of little but rigorous means, to integrate the two houses without either losing their identities - uniting without mischaracterizing, continuing individualizing, attaching with autonomy.Small in size, approximately 50m2, the apartment comes down to two rooms, a bathroom and a dismantled kitchen. Transitions are defined through a short corridor with four passage openings, one for each space. There was no room for significant demolition but there were minor refinements to the woodwork, the divisions maintain the same joints, but these are now more intense and dramatic.The light, a fundamental and qualitative aspect, was, along with the walls, a integral part of this operation. With full and far reaching exposure to the south, the space gained is shaped through light, which in large was difficult to control, but which still fills the whole depth of the house. Even the corridor wins this condition, through two translucent openings and two mirrors of the same size.A wall cabinet overcomes the entire length of the house on the blind side of construction, giving support to the different spaces that they occupy; room-corridor-room.The connection to the main house, with no great invention, is made where the two apartments touch, starting on the street at the entrance of the main apartment, following the existing movement. In the new house, it is defined by a chamber, limited by a cabinet / shelving below the full height that which passes the light."

Photographies: FG + SG - Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site d'Hugo Proença.

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