Tracy Featherstone : Wearable Sculptures

L'artiste Tracy Featherstone imagine des sculptures portables faites de pièces de bois.

Entre architecture, mobilier et vêtement, ces structures s'enfilent et se portent, la matière affrontant la chair, épousant les courbes et les contraignant à la fois.

Tracy Featherstone précise:

"Wearable Structures materialize our daily struggle between control and chaos. The balance is precarious and can tip one way or another in an instant. Building materials traditionally used to construct living environments or other architectural securities are used in a frenetic fashion. Quickly, and maybe hopelessly trying to impose order on a situation that is moving out of control. The traditional role of structure or stability becomes mobile when placed on the figure allowing the individual to indulge in the illusion of stability. The mobile/wearable element of the work further subverts attempts of control and order. Similar to the way water will carve a new path around an obstruction, participant finds new ways to move about daily routines in ordinary fashion."

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site de Tracy Featherstone.

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