Oleg Soroko : Parametric Form

Oleg Soroko est un jeune architecte et designer basé à Moscou, il nous présente ses travaux sur la conception paramétrique, qui ont donné naissance à la chaise "Scate" et à un banc aux formes organiques.

Les fines strates de contreplaquées s’assemblent par le biais de tiges de métal et donnent naissance à des pièces à l’élégance fluide. Jouant avec les courbes et les alternances de pleins et de vides, ces créations tout en ruptures se développent dans l’espace.

Sur ce projet, Oleg Soroko précise :

“A chair in this concept is a kind of anti-chair. You can sit together, it is possible to lie etc. Multifunctionality is not the most important. The main thing is that the chair exists not to sit, but to get up. Get up, rush, start to act, become a part of the high perfection of the world... this Is the initial historical semantics of the chair, sit down and commit an act of insertion to continue a live, change, flow... Charles Rennie Mackintosh successfully expressed the chair directed into the sky in the aesthetics of his time, he's chair is a stairway to heaven. But now in his brilliant chair we see angles and deliberate simplicity, his chair is charming as antique car. As far away from us this perception of the universe! In accordance with the concept scate chair is not as such spatial completeness, is not so much a spatial form, how many blurred object in time. He has many possibilities for interpretation and many opportunities for use as any natural element. Parametric method that I use in the design process creates a huge number of shapes. The final selection between them is made due to intelligent intuition based on the perception of the modern information field, some historical knowledge and pursuit of original beauty of the universe. So that is the way the fluid elegance that, cannot be expressed in closed angular forms, begins to exist."

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