Beyond the regulatory obligations (Energy Climate Law, Climate Resilience Law) which strongly encourage project owners to install photovoltaic power plants on the roof, the motivation of companies and communities to solarize their real estate assets is very strong.

However, it is necessary to have “solarisable” buildings, known as “PV ready”, ie capable of receiving photovoltaic installations while respecting technical constraints and maintaining the insurability of the structure.

And if the majority of existing buildings are unfortunately not solarisable except for major works, the additional costs of a new “PV Ready” construction are negligible when the construction incorporates these constraints from the design stage.

But the rapid evolution of technologies, regulations as well as the requirements of control offices and insurance companies, has generated a sum of complex parameters to manage for project owners, architects, project managers and more generally. players in the construction industry.

Complete and practical training

This is why the independent solar energy engineering and consulting firm SOG SOLAR offers innovative training dedicated to them, to understand the design of buildings suitable for receiving a photovoltaic installation in the best conditions.

Based on feedback and collaboration with building stakeholders on more than a hundred photovoltaic project management, the training is designed to quickly acquire crucial information:

  • What are the criteria for a “solarisable PV ready” building?
  • What are the minimum technical requirements, especially for roofing?
  • How to plan for electrical integration, optimize performance, maintenance and safety?
  • How to integrate photovoltaic issues into a construction program? the stages, actors and scope of responsibilities 

Scheduled on the first Thursday of each month by video, the training is easily accessible. The number of participants is deliberately limited to promote interactivity and exchanges with the consulting engineer who runs it.

At the end of the training, participants receive a guide “Designing and constructing solarisable buildings” which includes the up-to-date list of certified fixing processes, for immediate operational use.

Who is concerned ?

The objective is to create a bridge between the photovoltaic market and the actors of the construction and the real estate (industrial, commercial, tertiary buildings, collective housing, agricultural):

  • Architects, contractors and construction companies who design and coordinate the construction of buildings
  • Contracting authorities (companies, communities, real estate developers) and their AMO advisers



SOG SOLAR is an independent solar energy engineering and consulting firm. It supports companies, communities, investors and producers at each stage of their photovoltaic projects: advice, planning, project management, operation. Created in 2012 in Vendée, SOG SOLAR plans to achieve a turnover of 900K € in 2021, ie an average growth of 32% per year since 2016. The company currently has 11 employees.


To learn more, visit the SOG Solar website.





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