Decidedly, Instagram is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. This is how, in the course of my late scrolls, I discovered the powerful shots of Sebastian Weiss last year, which had already made the subject of a publication on our part. Since then, the talent of the photographer has not weakened, on the contrary! The proof with the series "Monolicious", declined in three stages, which, through hypnotic clichés, makes us rediscover the iconic works of contemporary Milanese architecture.

Of German origin, Sebastian Weiss - also known as "Le Blanc", in reference to his fetish tone and French translation of his surname - travels the world, device in hand and offers us, throughout his series, an anthology of remarkable buildings in the history of architecture. An air of déjà vu? Not really since Weiss has the particularity of making these buildings abstract, tearing them out of their context and revealing to the general public unsuspected details of their design thanks to a very tight framing.

"It's all about the relationship of lines, forms and surfaces. " Sebastian Weiss, photographer

If, at the beginning of last summer, we had looked at his artistic journey in Spain, this time it was his trip to Italy that caught our attention. A country with an architectural heritage as rich as it is diverse which constitutes two thirds of its “Monolicious” series. Head to Milan, recently crowned capital of design and architecture by our colleagues at Wallpaper *. From the OMA Prada Foundation to the Feltrinelli Foundation by Herzog & de Meuron via La torre Hadid by the late Zaha Hadid, Le Blanc offers us a journey into the world of “starchitectes” established in the Italian city by offering new perspectives, enhanced by a very low saturation, almost approaching a black and white treatment.

And because, according to Confucius, " A picture is worth a thousand words ", we can only let you admire the strolls of the photographer.

In a word: stunning.

To learn more, visit the site of Sebastian Weiss

Photographs: Sebastian Weiss

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