The gallery owner-curator Lou Carter promotes contemporary creation through hangings considered as immersive installations where it is always a question of space, aesthetic experience and the destination of the work. On the occasion of the opening of his exhibition space in Paris last June, Lou Carter revealed to us the ambitions and research axes of his gallery.

Trained at the National School of Art and Design in Nancy and at the National School of Industrial Creation - Les Ateliers, Lou Carter was a dancer, then a choreographer, before founding Lou Carter Gallery in 2019. Since its creation from her “gallery-curator”, she takes a sharp look at contemporary art, and organizes group and individual exhibitions which are installations in their own right.

Lou Carter opened his gallery with a cycle of exhibitions outside the walls. Conceived as real-life settings, the three exhibitions in this program invited viewers to live an atypical aesthetic experience in the staging of everyday life. Entitled "The silencing dinner of:", the inaugural exhibition brought together thirteen artists in a scenographic dining room, where traces of the passage of ten imaginary guests were visible. A total work of art, “Chamber of:” presented photographers of the intimate, notably Lin Zhipeng, in a room revealing, subtly, the memory and the intimacy of its fictional inhabitants. The last display proposed to discover young talents and confirmed artists in a room designed as a lived space. Behind each of these staging, the destination of the work was revealed in the background.

Coming out of confinement, Lou Carter chose to open his exhibition space in the seventh arrondissement, and launched a new cycle of exhibitions, but this time devoted to emerging female artists who are rethinking our relationship to the space. The first exhibition of this program showed the metamorphoses of materials orchestrated by Alexia Chevrollier (born in 1989), and the second offered to the public the opportunity to discover the “micro architectures” created by Paola Siri Renard (born in 1993). These two monographic exhibitions, presented in the black cube imagined by Lou Carter, managed to capture the public while offering a new perspective on their art.

In September 2020, Lou Carter will edit the catalogs of the “Alexia Chevrollier” and “Paola Siri Renard” exhibitions, participate in Paris Design Week and exhibit Sophie Pugnet.

To learn more, visit Lou Carter Gallery website.

Visuals: Courtesy Lou Carter Gallery


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